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Welcome to SIR

Over recent years the area of Risk Management and Loss Control has been developing quickly and consistently, mainly in the banking, insurance and Re-Insurance market, so that no important business will be concluded without first having a prevention and control program of losses, in addition to a previous inspection, analysis and risk assessment.


The need for any company to prevent and mitigate the risks in the workplace and its consequences is increasing every day especially with the current regulations, so the tendency is to have systems of industrial safety and occupational health to manage the risks that impact the whole spectrum of it.

Also with the devaluation that the Dominican peso has taken in recent years is very important for businesses to know which is the real value, market value and replacement value of their properties, both for insurance purposes and for buying-sales purposes , loans, financial commitments, among others.

Our company "SIR" SERVICIOS DE INGENIERIA DE RIESGOS, has been created to provide specialized technical services for the insurance, Re-Insurance, financial, Commercial and industry market in the Dominican Republic and the region.

The team of professionals and technicians of our firm is form with a group of engineers from different areas, with more than 20 years of experience in the various services we offer.


Our values are based on: justice, honesty, ethics, transparency, professionalism, innovation and dedication to service.



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